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We can handle all of your background screening needs.
  1. Fact #1
    The resume is a sales document and should not be trusted.
  2. Fact #2
    Falsification on the application is a serious red flag.
  3. Fact #3
    Incomplete employer information is usually intentional and needs to be challenged.
  4. Fact #4
    Extended periods of employment (1-3 years) with companies currently out of business with no corroborative data is another red flag. This is the most common way to hide having been in prison or a serious problem at an unknown employer.
  5. Fact #5
    Every workday 16,400 threats are made, 723 workers are attacked, 43,800 workers are harassed, and every work year 1,000 people fall victim to homicide at work. Risk Management Magazine
  6. Fact #6
    Various incidents of work place violence cost employers as much as $4.2 billion dollars annually. National Safe Workplace Institute
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We are here to take care of all of your background screening needs.
For nearly 40 years, we have maintained our commitment to helping businesses of all sizes. Our approach is to understand your business, your personal ambitions and the industry in which you compete. We believe this provides our clients with a personal service, catered just for them.
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Background screening solutions
Employment & Tenant Screening
  1. Court Records
    There are over 3500 counties in the U.S., each county reports differently. A large number of counties are becoming automated, but it is still necessary to go to the individual courthouses to get signature matches and many other details. State searches can be more complete, but they are not available in all states and certain counties do not report incidents diligently, short of a fingerprint search in the F.B.I.'s N.C.I.C. database; therefore, none of the information is absolutely accurate. In general, N.C.I.C. information is not accessible for pre-employment purposes, but if someone is listed as a multiple state offender, it usually shows up on the state check rap sheet. Negligent hiring lawsuits are a major threat to small and medium size organizations. A Xukor criminal check helps protect your company’s profits.
  2. Database Records
    Identifiers: • First, middle and last name (females: maiden and married names) • Height, weight, hair color, eye color, scars, tattoos • Sex, race • Date of birth • Social security number Most databases are accessed by name search. The other information is necessary to corroborate the identifiers--thus making every effort not to falsely accuse someone. If your application is missing d.o.b., sex, race: Create a separate form with the five most essential identifiers: name, ssn, d.o.b., sex, race--along with a specific release to allow credit, driving and criminal searches independently of the employment application, indicating that they are for pre-employment purposes. E.O.E. in Washington, D.C. countenances this practice for organizations larger than 25 people, as long as the addendum is not circulated to the external departments in the organization and is kept separate from the regular employment application during the face-to-face interview process.
  3. Verifications & Testing
    At times a Xukor researcher may encounter a company that prohibits the release of the employee’s employment information. In most cases, the company will verify the candidate’s job title and dates of employment. Our researchers attempt every avenue to gain as much information as possible. In the event that a company follows a strict company policy to only confirm dates and title of employment, additional questions are asked, especially the reason for separation and an overall recommendation. Each report will address the efforts involved and how the information was obtained. In some cases reference sources may not return our telephone calls and messages. Despite our best attempts, a Xukor representative will always call and leave a minimum of four messages that detail the reason for our call. Should we discover that a reference source is traveling, ill, or for some reason not available, Xukor will notify the client of the circumstance and provide the information gathered up until that date.
Tenant screening
We offer tenant screening, as well as employment screening and corporate intelligence.  Know who you're dealing with, BEFORE making a very costly mistake.